Edgewood Highland Elementary School

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Through the Efficient Buildings Fund, Rhode Island Infrastructure Bank provided a $2.2 million loan to Cranston Public Schools for the completion of energy efficiency improvements at Edgewood Highland Elementary School. The improvements at the school, which include new boilers and chillers, new HVAC units and associated structural supports, and a digital control system with programmable thermostats, are expected to reduce energy consumption at the school by more than 40%. Additionally, the projects that were completed provide significant air quality, temperature and ventilation benefits that will improve the student learning environment. Project plans were approved by the Rhode Island Department of Education and meet standards set by the Collaborative for High Performance Schools. Notably, annual debt service for the project is equal to the annual savings provided by the energy efficiency improvements made to the school.

Borrower - City of Cranston (Cranston Public Schools)

Program(s) - Efficient Buildings Fund (EBF)

Amount - $2,224,000