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The City of Newport is financing a series of improvements to the Newport Water Pollution Control Plant through RIIB’s Clean Water State Revolving Fund. These upgrades are intended to address wet weather flows and mitigate combined sewer overflows (CSOs), which are a substantial source of water pollution. Among the upgrades made to the facility are an increase in the capacity that it can treat to better handle wet weather events, chemically-enhanced primary treatment, biofilters and improved solids management to minimize odors and a UV disinfection system to protect against the escape of bacteria. Additionally, RIIB’s Efficient Buildings Fund provided financing for solar panels that will provide a portion of the facility’s electricity and energy efficiency measures will reduce the amount of energy that the facility requires to operate.

The project loan total was $49,227,000 which was a combination of  $47,985,000 from CWSRF and $1,242,000 from EBF. 

Borrower - City of Newport

 Program(s) - Clean Water State Revolving Fund (CWSRF) Efficient Buildings Fund (EBF)

 Amount - $49,227,000