Town of Warren

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The Town of Warren financed a $20 million upgrade to the Town's wastewater treatment facility through the Clean Water State Revolving Fund managed by Rhode Island Infrastructure Bank. The project will modernize the wastewater treatment facility by reducing nitrogen discharges into the Warren River, increasing energy efficiency, replacing obsolete equipment, improving safety for workers, and increasing the resiliency of the facility to storms, flooding, and the effects of climate change. The resilience components of the project make it the first wastewater treatment facility in Rhode Island to incorporate flood protection measures identified in the Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management's 2017 climate change vulnerability assessment. Specific  measures include relocating electrical equipment and motor drives above projected flood elevation and replacing pumps and mixers with submersible motors where  raising pumps above flood level is not feasible. Green elements of the project also allowed Warren to receive approximately $450,000 of principal forgiveness  that reduces the overall cost of the project.

Borrower - Town of Warren

Program(s) - Clean Water State Revolving Fund (CWSRF)

Amount - $20,000,000